SIBA is here to help
seniors through
the moving parts
of relocation.

When the time comes to move from
your home of many years, the relocation
process can raise several questions:
Who should I call?
What services are needed?
Where do I start?

Helping Seniors Navigate a Transitional Move

SIBA helps answer all of these
questions and more, in a quick
and simple way!

I know the relocation process can be overwhelming, as my mom had the same questions years ago. I'm Brad Brelage, Owner and President of SIBA. When my mom moved from her home of 33 years to a senior community, it was overwhelming to coordinate the downsizing of so many personal items that had accumulated over many years. Her home, like many, was very outdated and needed repairs. With declining health, this simply wasn't the time to struggle with these concerns. As my brothers and I tried to help, our focus was more on mom's medical needs.

It would have been great to have a simple solution to address all of mom's relocation needs with one call. This is why I started SIBA, to help simplify this process for others.

SIBA helps simplify the task of downsizing and relocation, while providing seniors with maximum value from the sale of their home.

SIBA provides resources and assistance for all your relocation needs, including selling, moving, or storage of your personal belongings.

SIBA also helps sell your home
with the following benefits:

  • Speed of sale - We offer a cash purchase, so there are no delays due to qualifying for financing from a mortgage company.

  • Ease of sale - No need to make repairs or clean up the home... We purchase your home as-is and can take care of all clean-out and disposal of unwanted items.

  • Immediate financial resources - With a faster closing, you will have cash available sooner for expenses related to your relocation or needs.

  • Peace of mind - Whether the home is sold directly from the owner or an estate, family members are assured of a seamless sale, without the hassles of time delays and dealing with unqualified buyers wasting time going through the home or making offers for which they may not qualify... meanwhile, keeping more of your money from the home sale!

  • With SIBA, homeowners will not pay realtor fees or closing costs - This adds roughly 8% - 10% of the sale price back into your pocket. (estimated $20,000 - $25,000 on the sale of a $250,000 home)

The relocation process can be an overwhelming experience for many.

Rest assured that SIBA will do everything
to make it stress free!

Brad Brelage
SIBA Owner and President

Call us or email us to help
simplify your relocation:

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